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Bird Watching in Dartmoor

Dartmoor is special in many ways. Ornithologically, it has many features that make it different from other upland areas of Britain. It may lack the sheer number of species found in the grander mountainous uplands of the North, but it does have a certain mix of lowland heath species and upland species that is unique in the British Isles.

Dartmoor is a truly unique natural area. A National Park since 1951, covers 368 square miles of upland moor and bog, lowland heath, deciduous valley woodland , coniferous plantations, reservoirs, rivers and farmland. In these varied habitats 254 species and sub-species of birds have been recorded. Because some of these species are at the very Northernmost edge of their world range, and others, such as Dunlin, Golden Plover or Red Grouse are at their Southernmost edge, Dartmoor is the only place where they can be found in close proximity.

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Dartmoor Nature Tours - Dartmoor - Devon
Dartmoor Nature Tours - Dartmoor - Devon
Small groups, a relaxed and leisurely walking pace with a guide who has lived and worked in the area for twenty years.  Dartmoor Nature Tours offer wildlife walks and tours to suit individual customer requirements. More Information Bird Tours (April to July) These will concentrate on areas such as Yarner Wood, Trendlebere Down and the Bovey Valley Woodlands where a wide range of...
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