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Buckfastleigh is a historic mill town on the southern border of Dartmoor National Park. The town contains a wide range of interesting shops selling second-hand furniture, antiques and bric-a-brac, some of which are tucked away in the narrow alleyways off the main streets leading to courts where locally produced arts and crafts and much more can be seen.

Now in the modern day of Buckfastleigh there is a  wide choice of food and drink, particularly on Fore Street, where there is an assortment of pubs and restaurants.

Accommodation is easily  found in Buckfastleigh and there are many things to do. Buckfastleigh has two public parks, a swimming pool, and tennis and bowling facilities. Its links to history are legendary and are to be found in the local Pengelly caves - perfect for the adventurous holiday maker to explore - such as the John Mitnor cave, the Baker's Pit and Reed's caves.

Buckfastleigh can boast cultural connections to giants such as Arthur Conan Doyle, who it is said based his story The Hound of the Baskervilles on the local legend of Richard Cabell, the Lord of the Manor of Brook. It is said that on the night of his death in 1677, black hounds breathing fire and smoke raced over Dartmoor and surrounded Brook Manor House, howling. Cabbell's unusual tomb, residing at the beautiful but unfortunately burnt down church in Buckfastleigh, was allegedly designed to keep his restless spirit from roaming Dartmoor, as it was believed that he was in league with the devil. Its unique design is a mystery to all and remains untouched in the ruined Holy Trinity Church in Buckfastleigh.

Buckfastleigh offers an educational experience through the Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm and its neighbouring Otter Sanctuary (easily reachable from the A38), where sick, injured and healthy otters alike swim alongside butterflies in their tropical habitats. A visit here can be combined with a trip to Buckfastleigh's South Devon Railway, containing a museum, play area and offering riverside walks.

Those looking for an indoor experience will find it at a number of locations in Buckfastleigh: the Dartrock climbing center, for example, is the perfect way to spend a rainy day.

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