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Dartmoor Camping and Caravanning

With the wilds of Dartmoor beckoning camping is the only way to get close to nature, the campfire, cooking out doors the fresh air. But not to rough, with hot showers a plenty on these Dartmoor campsites a little home comfort is assured. Camping on Dartmoor is an easy choice for your stay in Devon; it allows you to camp in the beautiful Dartmoor countryside, with some of the greatest walking and pubs on your doorstep but only be a short drive from the sea and some breathtaking costal walks. Whether Camping or caravaning on Dartmoor the are some great location choices.Create Life Lasting Memories With Your Family I have so many great memories from camping as a child. When I say great, honestly many of them may not have seemed great at the time, but it’s those disastrous trips that create the best memories.he Outdoors Are Good For Your Physical Health The health benefits of getting outdoors could more than fill up this entire post alone. You will find that getting outdoors, camping specifically, will improve your physical health in ways you never thought of. Learn Something New & Practical Ever wanted to learn how to cook over an open fire? Want to learn to fly fish? Canoe? Kayak? Swim? All these and more are wonderful things that you can learn out camping. Better Vision This health benefit needed to be listed on it’s own because it sounds absolutely crazy. Getting outdoors gives your eyes a break from screen and what is known as Computer Vision Syndrome. This is fatigue in your eyes and can cause nearsightedness. Actually, kids who play at least 2 hours outside a day were 4 times less likely to be nearsighted that those who played outside for 1 hour a day.Detach From Your Gadgets This one is a personal favorite of mine. I’ve become so attached to my phone and iPad that I’ve been to the point of checking them first thing when I wake up and last thing when I go to bed. That’s not what I want.If you love to travel and experience new places then camping is perfect for you. You may even find whole new worlds within an hour or two of your house that you never even knew existed
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Woodland Spings Touring Park - Drewsteignton - Dartmoor
Woodland Spings Touring Park - Drewsteignton - Dartmoor
A caravan and camping site exclusively for adults situated in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park in Devon that also offers camping Pods. This is a tranquil and secluded site that caters for caravans, motor homes, tents and those wanting a pod. Access is quick and easy from the A30. Ideal for those wishing to see  beautiful Dartmoor, the lovely cathedral city of Exeter and the delightful...
Harford Bridge Holiday Park - Peter Tavy - Tavistock - Dartmoor - Devon
Harford Bridge Holiday Park - Peter Tavy - Tavistock - Dartmoor - Devon
This Award winning, beautiful family run park set in Dartmoor National Park with delightful views of Cox Tor. The River Tavy forms a boundary offering riverside camping and other level spacious pitches. Luxury self-catering caravan holiday homes, open all year. All self-catering units are of a very high standard, spacious and set well apart in scenic surroundings. Superior centrally heated and...

If scenery alone is not enough for you then Dartmoor caters for a variety of adrenalin fuelled activities from rock climbing to white water rafting and kayaking, mountain biking and horse riding. There are lots of fun kids alternatives such as the Dartmoor adventure and activity centres scattered across Dartmoor just waiting to be discovered add to the Dartmoor railways and there old steam trains, farm activity centres and Becky falls and you have a great holiday in the making. Older children may not be immediately thrilled about the prospect of caravan travel but you can extol the virtues of the countryside. Highlight their relative independence on the camp site and perhaps head to a site with lots of youth facilities and adventurous activities so that they do not have time to mourn the loss of TV and video games.

All this with fresh air and exercise in abundance and a safe environment and a great place for kids to make new friends. Young children in particular are probably more likely to enjoy a Dartmoor holiday in this country than abroad for a number of reasons. But getting lots of fresh air and exercise, running around in a safe environment with dozens of other kids and accessing some of the freedom that we had when we were young. These are things that make parents and kids smile alike!

However you like to be entertained caravanning has something to offer you and your kids. Camping and Caravanning have been re-invented, it is now modern, relaxing and really simple to arrange!

If it's the outdoor life you seek then Dartmoor with its changeable climate and far reaching unspoilt views could be for you. With beautiful Dartmoor villages to visit and Pubs and Restaurants to refresh you after long hikes to the top of The Tors.There are different levels of camping which can be explored from the four star full amenity organised sites to backpacking and sleeping wild on Dartmoor which is a tremendous experience under clear skies. Camping for one or two nights on the open land on Dartmoor is perfectly acceptable provided that you choose your spot sensibly and don't pitch your tent on farmland, on moorland enclosed by walls, within 100 metres of a road, on flood plains or on archaeological sites.

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