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Tavistock offers something to everyone, from adults to children, residents to visitors, architecture and history buffs to shopping addicts. Situated beside the fast flowing river Tavy, Tavistock's stunning backdrop of Dartmoor hills makes for a perfect location for a holiday town with beautiful grand buildings (an attractive setting mostly surviving any 60s and 70s building disasters) fashioned in local stone, a superb pannier market and a collection of shops (many privately owned) to rival any town of a similar size.

Tavistock has everything:restaurants of all varieties, old pubs, new bars, delicatessens and traditionally Devonian pasty shops, all topped off by Tavistock's vibrant, active atmosphere that makes anyone feel at home.

If you want to spend some time in or around Tavistock and explore Dartmoor have a look at our Holiday Cottages in Tavistock section.

Things to do in Tavistock

Tavistock is definitely not lacking in things to do for all ages and interest groups. The local Indoor Swimming Pool offers something for adults and children alike, as Meadowlands Leisure Pool acts as both a place for a casual swim and also the location for "wet 'n' wild" indoor fun for children: the pool has slides, a jacuzzi and wave machine - all the average parent needs to keep a child entertained on one of Dartmoor's typically wet and windy days. For children (or the child inside), a fantastic sweet shop by the name of "I Love Candy" can be found amongst Tavistock's winding backstreets and is definitely worth seeking out for a combination of new and old-fashioned sweets.

Tavistock also offers tennis courts, parks and great walking in any direction. The Wharf Theater, doubling as a cinema, provides high quality entertainment.

Those wishing to add a little educational value to their trip to Tavistock can find ample opportunity in the Tavistock museum, set in an ancient monastic gatehouse in the center of Tavistock and run entirely by enthusiastic, well-informed volunteers.

Shopaholics will find ample opportunity to shop both on the Tavistock high street and in the traditional Tavistock Pannier Market.

Tavistock Town HallRiver Tavy in Tavistock

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Tavistock Farmers Market
Tavistock Farmers Market
Tavistock Farmers' Market is a traditional occasion showcasing local produce and goods.
Tavistock Pannier Market
Tavistock Pannier Market
Tavistock's Pannier Market is a demonstration of traditional Devon heritage and high quality local produce.
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