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Chagford a perfect base for anyone looking for a special place from which to explore a number of aspects of Dartmoor. It is one of the original four Stannary Towns, chartered in 1305, where tinners brought their metal for assay and stamping. Chagford has many interesting shops and excellent leisure facilities, including an Outdoor Swimming Pool. There are many places to eat and a wide choice of places providing accommodation. Chagford can also boats good pubs and excellent restaurants.

Chagford lies in the shelter of a wooded hillside on the northern edge of the Dartmoor National Park. It is an attractive town with traditional stone cottages and the fine 15th century church of St Michael. Chagford's pituresque scenes are frequented by artists.

Chagford has not always been a charming town for visitors to explore. In February 1643, during the Civil War, Sir John Berkeley and a small band of Royalist soldiers famously attacked and dispersed some parliamentarian forces who were quartered at Chagford. In the skirmish that followed, the 33 year old poet Sidney Godolphin was lost to a single round of musket fire. The Earl of Clarendon, a Royalist on the King's right hand side, later paid tribute to him in his history of the Civil War. Any interested historians can find more information on the subject in Chagford's Information Centre.

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Chagford Outdoor Swimming Pool
Chagford Swimming Pool - Chagford - Dartmoor - Devon
Chagford Outdoor Swimming Pool is a freshwater pool situated within the beautiful and scenic Dartmoor countryside.
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