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Dartmoor Basket Maker

You can learn to make or buy a new wicker basket here on Dartmoor even though the art of basket making was developed at an early stage of man's evolution, its still here today on Dartmoor .British oak, hazel and willow provided material for making the strong rigid containers necessary in everyday life. Fences and houses, too, were built from wickerwork or wattles.

Early baskets were probably much like those found in the farms of highland regions, until the second half of the twentieth century. 'Frame' baskets were constructed with wild materials on simple but time-consuming principles, and in these areas basket making mostly remained a seasonal job reserved for the dark days of winter. In lowland Britain the weaving of willow, using different techniques, developed into a profession and ultimately a sizeable industry.

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Wood and Rush - Chagford - Dartmoor - Devon
Wood and Rush - Chagford - Dartmoor - Devon
Linda Lemieux's Willow & Rush Baskets. Peter Montanez's Woodturnery, Leatherwork & various Basketmaking and Rush Seating Tools. Linda also offers a Rush Chair Seat repair service. We have a selection of other Local Artisans & Artists work. We also have a selection of Aromatherapy Essential Oils & Creams. Scented Candles, Incense, Bach Flower Remedies
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