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Dartmoor Llama Walks

Llamas make ideal walking companions as they are very calm and gentle animals as well as being alert and intelligent, they will gladly allow you to give up your backpack (they are not called the truck of the Andes for nothing).
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Dartmoor Llama Walks- Poundsgate - Dartmoor - Devon
Dartmoor Llama Walks- Poundsgate - Dartmoor - Devon
Set in the heart of the stunning Dartmoor National Park near Widecombe-in-the-Moor, come and experience the beautiful rugged landscape of this unspoilt area of the Southwest of England. We are offering a range of guided Dartmoor walks, no need to worry about carrying rucksacks and waterproofs or even your picnic lunch as our experienced trekking llamas will carry this for you. We will give you...
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