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Dartmoor Luxury Bed and Breakfast

From five-star luxury to a family-run home from home, there's a bed and breakfast or guesthouse in Dartmoor for you. With so much choice there's somewhere that will perfectly cater for every type of holidaymaker: bring the whole family or steal away for a romantic break for two.Staying in a Bed and Breakfast on Dartmoor is something very special. And do take advantage of the fact that you have the freedom to eat out every night by trying one the many excellent Dartmoor pubs and restaurants.Dartmoor  bed and breakfast holidays are the perfect getaway for a peaceful relaxing weekend. These various premises make you feel like you are still in the comfort of your own home with all the amenities that they offer. They are cosy, clean with lots of character. Many bed and breakfast establishments’ are found in Dartmoor’s historical areas. They can also be found in far flung remote country locations. If you are thinking about travelling this year, you should try a Dartmoor  bed and breakfast for a change. They can offer amenities to you that a hotel can not. When deciding to stay at a bed and breakfast you can either look through the Dartmoor bed and breakfast listings or go to the Dartmoor villages and towns category.
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Dartmoor Bed & Breakfast - The Cherrybrook - Postbridge - Dartmoor
Dartmoor Bed & Breakfast - The Cherrybrook - Postbridge - Dartmoor
The Cherrybrook - Dartmoor’s Best Located Hotel Of the few hotels on Dartmoor, The Cherrybrook offers a unique location standing at the heart of the Dartmoor National Park, with extensive views over the moors stretching for several miles. Originally built as a farmhouse over 200 years ago, The Cherrybrook is now a small family run hotel providing warm and friendly accommodation. Situated...
Dartmoor Bed And Breakfast - The Dartmoor Suite - Poundsgate
Dartmoor Bed And Breakfast - The Dartmoor Suite - Poundsgate
The Dartmoor Suite; the ultimate in bed and breakfast. Be among the first to stay in our self-contained, luxury bed and breakfast accommodation. Formerly two cottages, we have improved the existing accommodation to provide our guests with 'everything but the kitchen sink’. Located in the charming village of Poundsgate, well within Dartmoor National Park, this 200 year old thatched cottage...
You will find information on each individual establishment. This can help you to better choose the right bed and breakfast inn to suit your needs.
If you want to stay at a bed and breakfast you will need to know a few things to make your stay more pleasant such as have they been in business very long, do they have customer reviews provided by their guests and do they allow children and pets. These are just a few questions to think about when deciding which Dartmoor bed and breakfast in which you would like to stay. If you want to get away and have a stress free weekend try staying at a bed and breakfast where nothing will distract you and you can have a peaceful stay. Some bed and breakfast accommodation is close to shopping, restaurants, fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. When you go to a bed and breakfast you will be offered many things to make your stay more pleasurable such as a private bath, porch, balcony and garden not to mention a fine English breakfast. Some may also offer internet, snacks, packed lunches and other good things for you while you stay.
Bed and breakfast owners may charge more or less depending on the season and their location. Most of them are reasonably priced and can offer you and your family a wonderful experience. A few bed and breakfasts may offer you discounts on your room.

Bed and breakfasts around Dartmoor have become a popular option for people travelling mostly because of the excellent, personalized attention. The benefits of staying at a Bed and Breakfast far outweigh those of a hotel.


Every bed and breakfast is unique. They reflect the Dartmoor, customs, memorabilia and interests of their owners. It is not unusual to see crafts from the area or items from the country where the owners are originally from used as decorations. Many times the owners will attempt to restore the homes to their original time period and will decorate them accordingly.

Since nearly every bed and breakfast is run by the owners themselves there is a friendliness and homey atmosphere that cannot be found in a hotel. Each person that arrives is treated as a personal friend and guest. The owners enjoy sharing what they know about their home, the decorations inside and the community where it is located.


One of the benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast is that, although, the cost is sometimes higher than that of a hotel, everything is included upfront. You will be given the total cost when you check in. Often the luxurious Dartmoor hotels have little additional costs that are added on at the end of the stay, making the total bill much more than what you may have expected.

A great benefit of staying at a bed and breakfast is the large, sit-down breakfast that is included in the price. They generally consist of foods such as bacon and eggs, cereals, fresh juices, milk or coffee.


There are innumerable extra benefits of staying at a Bed and Breakfast that far outweigh any that a hotel will offer.

Bed and Breakfast Hominess - This just comes naturally at a Bed and Breakfast. Instead of walking into a cold, unfeeling hotel lobby, you are personally greeted by the owners themselves. Each guest is made to feel at home.

Excellent security - Most bed and breakfasts are small and accommodate only a few guests at a time, the owners are aware of what is going on and who is there at all times.

Better location - The Bed and Breakfast setting is often a quiet, peaceful one, away from the busy, noisy thoroughfares where most hotels are located.

More flexibility - The owners are open to meeting your special needs. They can allow you access to the kitchen, serve breakfast in your room, provide battery cables if your car won’t start, etc. They are there to serve you and make your Bed and Breakfast stay enjoyable.

Helpful Bed and Breakfast hosts - Since those in charge are usually the Bed and Breakfast owners themselves, they are familiar with what you can see and do in that particular area. They will know what restaurants to recommend and which ones are best for children.

More intimate Bed and Breakfast experience - Many times guests are greeted with fresh fruit juice and home-baked products. If you want a late night snack there is often a guest pantry housing many "goodies" that you can enjoy.

When you consider the atmosphere, the cost and the extras as benefits to staying at a Bed and Breakfast, you won’t even consider booking a room at a hotel when you travel.

Thoughts from a Dartmoor Observer

To B & B or Not to B & B that is the question.

The thought of going to a Bed and breakfast establishment makes me feel unreasonably uneasy, this maybe just part of my upbringing having never gone to B&B’s as a child with a family, and therefore have  a deep seated mistrust of strangers asking you to come into their homes. After all are you not always taught not to trust strangers?

Thinking about a bed that has different people sleeping in it maybe every night also raises a doubt, but why don't I have the same feelings about Hotels? Is this just snobbery? Do I trust the paid staff of a Hotel to do a better cleaning job than the owners of a Bed and Breakfast? I think not, so that brings me back to snobbery, or something else.

Are bed and breakfasts just to much like staying with relatives you hardly know or don't like? Is the B & B environment making you think about your actions? Noise you make or the return time from the pub having had one or two over the norm, to delay your reappearance hoping not to meet the guest house proprietors but instead falling into their open arms when the door springs open when you hadn't even hit the lock with the key.

I think it comes down to whether the personal touch of the B&B suits you, or the impersonal “no” touch of the Hotel suits you better.

One thing is for certain - the breakfast at the Dartmoor B & B's I stayed at was better than the Dartmoor hotels. This type of personal touch I could get all too used to!

So - to B&B or not to B&B? Well, these days the cost is quite high but the rooms are generally on suite which makes a whole lot of difference, and maybe this is the change that that swings the balance from the Dartmoor Hotel to the Dartmoor B&B. On cost alone it makes sense. Holiday cottages Dartmoor South Devon