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Markets in Tavistock

Tavistock Market has survived without a break for 900 years.and it all started with the Tavistock Market Charter 1105.

Henry King of England to Geoffrey de Mandeville and to all the Barons French and English of Devon and Cornwall greeting. May you know that I have granted to Saint Mary of Tavistock and to the monks that they may have a market at Tavistock every week on Friday. And I grant to the merchants that they may sell and buy whatever they wish and that no-one to them on this account wrong shall do. With witness William Warelwast and Alfred of Lincoln and Harding son of Alnod and Walter son of Ansger at Stamford.

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Tavistock Pannier Market
Tavistock Pannier Market
Tavistock's Pannier Market is a demonstration of traditional Devon heritage and high quality local produce.
Tavistock Farmers Market
Tavistock Farmers Market
Tavistock Farmers' Market is a traditional occasion showcasing local produce and goods.
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