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Dartmoor Pony Trekking

Quench your thirst for freedom by experiencing the eerie sensations generated by the sight of endless horizons. Discover how stunning Dartmoor is as you ride you and fall in love with one of the most spectacular landscapes in England. Riding and exploring this pristine environment ,the beauty of Dartmoor will enthrall you. There's no better way to explore the land of the DartmoorAll the best horse riding on Dartmoor can experienced without owning a horse, see places on Dartmoor it would take an age to walk to on with a riding experience on Dartmoor. Gallop across the moors on a horse with the wind through your hair then stop to look at the view. 

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Babeny Farm Stables - Poundsgate - Dartmoor
Babeny Farm Stables - Poundsgate - Dartmoor
Welcome to Babeny Stables Open all year round.  Babeny Farm has been farmed by 3 generations of Wilkinsons, rich in history as an ancient Tenament and originally the mill for Lydford Parish. The present generation of Wilkinsons also maintain a long history of horses and horsemanship including national hunt racing and hunting point-to-pointing on Arab Stud, Dartmoor Ponies, a...
Cholwell Riding Stables - Mary Tavy - Tavistock - Dartmoor
Cholwell Riding Stables - Mary Tavy - Tavistock - Dartmoor
Cholwell Riding Stables Cholwell Riding Stables is a family-run business that has been providing escorted rides and riding lessons on Dartmoor for nearly forty years. Situated on the A386 between Okehampton and Tavistock, next to the famous 'Wheal Betsy' Silver Lead mine, we are perfectly located to ride straight out onto Dartmoor with no need for any road work. This allows you to enjoy your...

For many centuries dartmoor ponies have lived, bred and run free on Dartmoor. Each year in the autumn the ponies are rounded up or drifted from the Moor. The foals are weaned and some are offered for sale. Should you purchase a pony from the commons you will have a pony of good temperament, the makings of a child’s pony or driving pony or, perhaps above all, the best of family friends. However, before purchasing a pony the following advice may be of help, as ponies are
expensive animals to keep, particularly as poniescan live as long as 40 years! Moorland ponies are semi-feral and have rarely been handled; this makes them potentially unsuitable for those with little experience of horses. If you are inexperienced in purchasing ponies, it is advisable to take an expert with you for advice.The first decision to be made when considering buying a pony are the costs involved; these are outlined below.

Looking after your pony

Dartmoor ponies kept at grass should be checked at least twice a day for health and any signs of injury. A sheltered area should be available, either man-made or natural, and the paddock should be a suitable size, depending on the quality of the grass. The grass supply should be restricted if it is too lush, especially in the spring, because ponies can become very ill from eating too much rich grass, especially if they are not used to it. It is good practice to ‘rest’ grassland by dividing
up the field and rotating the grazing of each section. All fencing should be adequate and safe, especially since moorland ponies are particularly nimble and are likely to be unsettled initially. Clean water should always be available. Remember, most ponies sold at markets are under one year old and will not be able to be ridden until they are about four years old. Until this time, regular handling will make it less wary of humans when it comes to be trained for riding. Training, known as breaking, requires experience, skill and specific equipment and should be carried out by an expert to be successful. Once broken, the pony will still be very inexperienced and is unlikely to be suitable for a child or novice rider for some time. A badly broken pony can be a danger to both rider and public and is very unlikely to have a secure and happy future. If you follow the advice set out in this information sheet, and do decide to purchase a pony, you will have invested in a pony that should provide an ideal, and reliable companion for any child, and should prove to be excellent value for money as well.There are some local based groups that can assist in the purchase of ponies kept on the commons of Dartmoor.
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