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Getting listed

Exclusively Dartmoor
How to Advertise and promote a Dartmoor Holiday Property, Hotel, Pub, B&B, Shop or Business
We’re here to help!

The simple facts are
People prefer ‘local’ providers of products and services – 40% of web searches are local;
62% of people use the web & 80% are on broadband connection;
There are very few places to find accurate advertising of local information specific to Dartmoor;
All you get is a name, address and phone numbering on most other directories;
Vast majority of Small to Medium Enterprises have no web presence;
Many small business advertising websites cannot be found

Advertise and make it happen
Call Lesley or Richard on 01364 621466 or send an email with a your business write up and information and as many photographs as you wish.
Alternatively we can lift the information from an existing advertising web site, just send the address.
If you would like to meet with us to discuss your advertisng requirements we will arrange to a time to suit you. We can ensure you get the most out of Exclusively Dartmoor advertising platform.
You can be on the web within days!

What’s in it for you?
Local advertising web presence within days;
New business coming through quickly;
Ability to advertise and showcase your business to new people – potential new customers;
In depth information about your business on-line;
All your contact information on-line;
Email & website links to your business
Year on Year Advertising

Benefits of Advertising
High rankings on Google & other search engines;
Increased traffic to a business website;
Provides prestige & status to your business within the local community;
Company logo and Advertising photos on-line

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