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Holne Parish, with a population of only 250, is bordered by the River Dart and Dartmoor Forest and can boast excellent views of the local countryside. Although a small village, Holne is famous for its historical landmarks such as the Iron Age hill fort that lies at the top of Holne Chase and its beautiful medieval bridges over the River Dart.

Overlooking the River Dart, the Iron Age fort - otherwise known as "Holne Chase Castle" - offers a visit that is not only educational but also idyllic, as the views from the well-preserved fort are breathtakingly beautiful.

Holne offers places to eat and drink as well as to visit, and its famous "Holne Park" is a stunning country home with superb grounds available for weddings, corporate events and other such occasions. Those seeking accomodation in Holne can find it at the Church House Inn, located next door to the Church of St Mary the Virgin in the center of Holne, a perfect spot for the start and end of walks around the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Walks including Holne are the famous Coast to Coast path from South to North Devon, and the Church House Inn would provide and excellent stop off point for hungry, thirsty or tired walkers making their way between the start and finish point or simply wanting to take in a portion of the walk's superb views.
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