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Planning Your Day

What’s on your ‘to do’ list? Take the opportunity to fulfil lifelong ambitions or explore your special interests. From pure culture to extreme adventure, it’s all here.

Land Activities, Climbing, Cycling & Mountain Biking, Horse Treks or Walking & Trekking, you can find maps and guides in our Dartmoor Maps, Books & Guides section.


Controlled descent is an enthralling way to interact with the landscape. And the great thing about abseiling, also called rappelling, is that it’s quite easy to learn. After a few lessons, you’ll be slipping down the rope like a master.

  Dartmoor Climbing

Most travellers don’t come to Dartmoor with a suitcase full of crampons.  That doesn’t mean climbing is out of the question. If you’ve always wanted to join a group and climb a Dartmoor Tor or two, experienced climbing instructors and guides are ready to help at may of the Dartmoor Activity and Adventure Centres.    
Rock climbing is another way to embrace Dartmoor’s geology in an up-close-and-personal way. Or in the worst of weathers hone your skills and techniques at the indoor climbing centres

 Cycling and Mountain Biking

When you come to Dartmoor National Park, chances are you’re looking forward to getting close to nature and saturating your senses in our scenery.

On two wheels you can cover a lot of ground and still see, hear and smell the natural world around you. With roaming sheep, horses and cows, acres of moors, rivers, Tors, and ancient forests.  Happening upon beautiful ancient farms.

Discover why Dartmoor is the perfect place to indulge in some heart pumping mountain biking action.

 Dartmoor Horse Riding or Dartmoor Pony Trekking

Trekking on horseback is very much in harmony with the feel and pace of the Dartmoor landscape.

There’s also something deeply natural and rewarding about interacting with animals, and horses are no exception. Even on a short novice ride, you learn about your horse’s personality and develop a level of rapport and understanding. Dartmoor Ponies are ideal for trekking - reliable, friendly and easy to ride.

Operators the length of Dartmoor run half day, full day and longer guided treks. Most stables cater for a range of rider abilities. All tack, including hard hats, is provided.

  Walking and Trekking

If you’re keen to enjoy Dartmoor's beautiful landscapes and explore our vast wilderness areas, pack a selection of walking shoes and boots.

A huge percentage of Dartmoor protected land with public access, so there are plenty of tracks and paths to choose from. You can find your own way, or take advantage of the many guided walks and tours.

Dartmoor offers a wide range of terrains: moors, forests, river valleys and high country farmland.

Choose a walk that offers luxury Cottage or B&B accommodation or stay in a Dartmoor pub on your journey.


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