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The parish of Lydford is extremely old. Formally a Stannary town and known for its silver mines in the 10th century, Lydford even used to have a royal mint producing pennies from the locally mined silver. Lydford has been described as an "economic powerhouse", although to visit the small town today the quiet, relaxed atmosphere hints nothing of the active (and often bloody) history that Lydford possesses, including plundering Vikings, Civil War battles ghostly visitings from what some describe as "phantom funeral processions" marching along Lych Way, the path along which many were brought to Lydford for burial in the 12th Century. Those interested in history should most definitely give Lydford a visit, as its intriguing past is not only to be found in myths and legends but also physically, as one of
Lydford's main attraction is Lydford's 12th century castle standing proud on a mound central to Lydford. Formally a court and gaol, Lydford's castle is now a ruin, but still worth a visit.

The river Lyd flows through Lydford Gorge, said to be the deepest in the South West, the fast flowing river forming the spectacular White Lady Waterfall and Devils Cauldron.

An energetic walk is required to see everything, tricky in parts - about three miles in length and about two hours.

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