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Manaton is situated on Dartmoor on the eastern fringe of Dartmoor, occupying quite an exposed site, which is actually more elevated than its truly moorland neighbour, Widecombe-in-the-Moor (by about 20m). Below the beautiful Manaton village to the east are the wooded valley slopes of the River Bovey and stretching away south are the fields and farms that occupy the valley of Hayne Brook – a small stream rushing east from the moor past Manaton, then south to join the Becky Brook (just above Becky Falls) before continuing into the River Bovey.

Near to Manaton, Jay's Grave is a historic place of scandal and interest: many frequently visit the spot where this fallen woman is buried, supposedly haunted by those who shunned her after she became pregnant, a rejection that led her to hand herself. As those who commit suicide could not be buried in consecrated grounds, "Kitty Jay"'s grave lies at a crossroads, where it is said spirits (or, in some cases, pixies) place fresh flowers on her grave.

Manaton hosts an annual show and fair visited by thousands and run by volunteers from Manaton and beyond. The fair showcases local food, music and includes competitions and games to attract all ages. Children's games and the annual bouncy castle cater for the younger visitor, while the usual beer tent and sheaf tossing are a must-try for the adults.

Manaton is a perfect place for stunning walks all year round - an adventurous walker could take in the local Manaton woodland, moor and historic sites before retiring to a nearby Holiday Cottage or one of the local Manaton pubs.


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