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Princetown is a small town situated in the heart of Dartmoor, famous for the "HM Prison Dartmoor" that can be seen from all sides of the town and beyond. The Dartmoor Prison Museum, not 150 yards from Princetown's prison, tells the extraordinary and sometimes shocking tales of prisoners that came to Princetown from all over the country.

Princetown's links to history lie not only in the prison but also in the Princetown Railway that, while unfortunately closed in 1956, boasts being the highest railway in England. Walkers wishing to explore Princetown can still trace the famous railway line and take in the atmospheric views of the surrounding moorland at the same time.

The local Princetown pubs and accomodation provide a cosy, warm escape from the traditional Princetown fog and rain. Regardless of the fact that a dry day in Princetown is far and inbetween, the town offers challenging and (when the Princetown fog is not at work) breathtaking views. Holiday cottages Dartmoor South Devon