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The East Dart Hotel - Postbridge - Dartmoor

The East Dart Hotel - Postbridge - Dartmoor
Address: The East Dart Hotel
Town: Postbridge
County: Devon
Postcode: PL20 6TJ
Telephone: 01822 880213
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Since taking over The East Dart in June 2010 we, Paul and Rosie Joynson, and our twins, Dominic and Sylvia, are looking forward to providing you with the visit you have always wanted.

Care and attention matter and Paul has over 22 years experience in the licencing trade and Rosie, having come from Jersey, an island renowned for it's excellence in dining, will endeavour to bring the same standards to the inn.

The East Dart Hotel welcomes local people to gather and enjoy their pub in an atmosphere where they can relax and chat, maybe partaking of a bar meal or restaurant cuisine, with specials available every day.  It also offers 9 letting rooms where visitors can stay and make the most of this area of natural beauty whilst experiencing the uniqueness of a historic Dartmoor inn.

The village of Postbridge is steeped in folklore and history, with the 13th Century clapper bridge in it's centre, crossing the East Dart River.  Many legends have arisen around the area, dating back to time before living memory. Times when highwaymen roamed Dartmoor and the people made their way regularly across the sometimes bleak Lych Way to attend church in Lydford for burials and the like.

There are numerous reasons which attract people to the wild and untamed land which is Dartmoor, not least the opportunity to walk or ride with the wind in your hair across seemingly endless expanses of stunning, yet sometimes unforgiving, natural beauty.  The East Dart offers not only the opportunity for visitors to enjoy this unrivalled experience but also provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for local residents to dine or just have a drink at the bar with a friend or two whilst chatting over local matters or bringing to mind old stories of the past.

We aim to tailor your visit to The East Dart Hotel to suit your requirements.  We are dog friendly so your furry friends are welcome, as is your horse (or horses), and if you don't have a  horse to put in our stables, then there are stables near to hand where you can go for a hack, whether you're an experienced rider or getting on a horse for the first time. You can fish, walk, clycle, relax, or visit local attractions such as Dartmoor Hawking, The Powder Mills, the Miniature Pony Centre, a perfect family day out, or Pixieland, for instance, where you can buy locally produced sheepskin products.
Above all else you are guaranteed comfort with a friendly welcome and attention to detail which you will find quite special!!