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Tim Ferry – Dartmoor Walk Guide

Tim Ferry – Dartmoor Walk GuideTim Ferry – Dartmoor Walk Guide
Address: Tim Ferry
Dartmoor Walk Guide
Town: South Brent
County: Devon
Mobile: 07855 073876
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Tim Ferry – Dartmoor Walk Guide

Tim Ferry, who has over 30 years’ experience of walking on Dartmoor, will design a route to suit you and take you out on the open Moor to see many of its unique features.

You can learn about:

3,000 year-old houses and fields
Prehistoric ceremonial sites
Tin-mining and other historic industries
How Dartmoor and its granite tors were formed
Dartmoor’s wildlife
How livestock farming has shaped the Dartmoor of today
Dartmoor’s ponies
The issues facing Dartmoor in the 21st Century

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